Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

By now, I’m sure, most of you have actually seen or at least heard of the movie; Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice. You have probably heard a million different things about it too, here I am throwing in my two cents about, what I can only deem an absolute mess of a film (sorry Zack Snyder, but c’mon?!).

So, the whole central plot point for this film is in the subtitle – The Dawn of Justice. They were setting up for the future Justice League movies coming our way. And this was one of few aspects I actually liked, the others I will get to further on.


The Justice League building was short but sweet, which the rest of the film definitely was not. They built the pretence of ‘metahumans’ with Superman and Wonder Woman, then quietly and quickly introducing both The Flash and Aquaman. It was understated but it was the correct introduction – for a film with an already excessive run time, this was something that didn’t take along but had the right effect, in my humble opinion.
The rest of the film was, a hot mess. It’s like Snyder decided to not listen to anyone about the bad parts of Man Of Steel and built upon those instead. It’s insane how much he did not learn from that movie, which for all intents and purposes, was a semi-decent Superman movie. Yet, this time around, the plot was a convoluted, smash-fest that literally makes very zero sense.
I’m 90% sure if you’re reading this, somewhere on the internet, the meme for the reason Batman and Superman stopped their fighting and called a truce. That Martha thing. It’s juvenile and simple and suddenly they’re best friends. It’s strange, like the rest of the film.

Now, yet another bone I have to pick with this film (again, sorry, Zack Snyder), is the innumerable amount of dream sequences, which supposedly set up future installments and were meant to be means of explanation – yet I was just more confused?! The Flash flashback sequence? WHAT ON EARTH. It’s inconceivable to me that this many dream sequences were, firstly used, and secondly deemed as a good idea.
Henry Cavill was basically a bystander in his own movie – the film may as well of been called Batman; featuring Superman and a smattering of Wonder Woman.
I have nothing against Henry Cavill, I believe he’s a decent Superman; strong (obviously), good looking, kind faced. I was a fan of Man Of Steel, obviously the ending was outrageous and they basically destroyed Metropolis – was I the only one to miss that in this movie…? But, he was left on the sidelines – it seemed like Lois Lane had more to say, more to do.

In a fun turn I’m going to say something positive, I’m a huge fan of Batfleck. BATFLECK. He was easily, hands down, my favourite part of this movie. I’m talking The Dark Knight Returns era Batman. I loved it – he was a good Batman and a great Bruce Wayne, from the hair, to the attitude. He fully encompassed the psyche of Bruce Wayne and his Batman. It was the Batman on screen I had wanted to see for a long while.
Also, Wonder Woman was awesome. Obviously. There was a lot of uproar about Batfleck and Gal Gadot’s casting, but I believe they have both proven themselves in this film. They were both the stand out performers and scenes in this film.

Some scenes were beautifully shot and crafted, and then there was Doomsday. This film is incredibly conflicting – for some parts, I remember thinking what on earth is happening, why is this included, what was his thought process? And some parts, I was thinking ‘man, this is intense!”. It was honestly like watching three different films, mashed together in a timeline that did not flow.

Please, watch it and gather your own opinions, and them come back and talk to me about it! I love a good film debate. 
I will be posting old reviews of film I have watched since January, that I have written and will updated every Friday from now on. In a very original Film Friday serial.

Again, another please, read, enjoy, recommend 😉


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