Wrestlemania wrapped up.

I know, WWE wrestling gets a bad rep. “Oh, but it’s so fake!” you say, “Oh, but it’s scripted!” you whine. Yes, it is both those things, but now they admit it. It’s in the company name now – World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. It is a show, where they wrestle.

Wrestlemania is now in it’s 32nd year. And it really is the spectacle of the wrestling year. I mean, my personal favourite will always be Royal Rumble – but Wrestlemania is the show. Some of the best moments, the most shocking, the most unbelievable moments occur at Wrestlemania. The Stone Cold v. Bret Hart double turn, which was incredible. Hulk Hogan slamming down Andre The Giant, shocked the wrestling world. Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from the top of a ladder, everyone was speechless. It produces those ‘Mania Moments’.

This years Wrestlemania arrived to mixed predictions – those who were excited for it no matter what. And those left annoyed with WWE’s continually predictive writing. I was on the excited side, this was my first Wrestlemania since I properly got back into wrestling. It was nothing extremely out of the box. Opening ladder match – check. Big man vs. Underdog – check. Undertaker – check.

The pre-show was standard – Kalisto beat Ryback and The Good Divas beat The Bad Divas – and Nikki Bella came back, neck brace and all. The Usos’ finally beat those damn Dudley Boyz and then got booed for using tables on them – fan logic.

Our main show opened with a ladder match (surprise!) for the Intercontinental Title – Kevin Owens being the defender against; Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sin Cara, Stardust and Zack Ryder. It was solid match, not many extreme stunts for ladders, but a good show from Sami Zayn. His sequence of somersaulting onto all but Kevin Owens, then sliding through the ropes and into a DDT (I believe, please call me out if I’m wrong) was smooth and sublime. It was definitely my favourite moment of the whole match. UNTIL; Zack Snyder won?! I cannot of been the only one to think that of all of the contenders, he was the last one I expected to pick up the win. I loved it – I loved that it shocked me!
Another shock result followed; Chris Jericho beat AJ Styles. I didn’t expect it because now I can’t see what they’re planning for Styles – was this not meant to be his big push? They made Jericho heel again to push face Styles, then he’d come out of Wrestlemania with a load of hype and somewhere to go. Now, now i’m just confused.

Then, The New Day. I love the new day, they’re so much fun. Actual fun. They’ve been feuding with League of Nations for awhile now and this was also a solid match. Not that I remember much because of what happened after… SHAWN MICHAELS, MICK FOLEY AND STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! I was watching it with two of my friends and we all went absolutely crazy. This was my absolute, number one, best moment of Wrestlemania 32. I have such fond memories of each of these wrestlers and here they were, together. It was, dare I say, a ‘Mania Moment’.
Brock Lesnar v. Dean Ambrose. I was underwhelmed. It happened. Dean got suplexed a lot, he lost. The End.
Undertaker v. Shane McMahon. I was underwhelmed. It happened. Their age really shone through in this match, it seemed to take a lot of effort for these men to go as long as longs they did. I mean, Shane did jump from the top of the cage, onto an announce table. Which was crazy. But, no, it didn’t look good other than that I’m sad to say. And Shane lost. So WWE continues on, probably the same, even if I cling on to hope of change.
The Rock came back and had a weird skit with The Wyatt Family, which just broke down the supposed fear we’re supposed to have, even more, and it was all some weird build up in order to have The Rock do a little wrasslin’, pull a good promo and set up John Cena’s return from injury. It was weird and I’m 90% sure, Vince McMahon called Dwayne and asked him to feature at Wrestlemania to boost hype and The Rock just responded with “Yeah sure, Vince, I just want one thing… a flamethrower!!!” It was weird and let’s move on.
Roman Reigns won, we’re all surprised right…? Wrong.

Now. Now! The. Best. Match. Belonged to the Women’s division. Lita appeared and re-introduced/introduced the new Women’s Championship – and what a beautiful belt it is. There’s no pink, no stupid butterfly, just a damn good-lookin’ belt that helps give the women the respect they deserve. The triple threat match between Charlotte / Sasha Banks / Becky Lynch, was wonderful. It was (mostly) technically sound. It was a spectacle. It was an enjoyment to watch. It proved that women can wrestle. And, these women CAN wrestle. Charlotte did a beautiful, absolutely beautiful moonsault form the top rope onto Sasha and Becky and it was executed perfectly. Honestly, women’s wrestling is great to watch these days and I could not be more excited.

Overall, Wrestlemania was a fun watch, the order was weird, John Cena continues his crazy rehabilitation streak and women proved they are damn good at wrestling. Monday Night Raw, I’m waiting for your fallout.


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