Next on Netflix: TV Shows

I’m sure many of you reading this will have a list on Netflix, filled with things you want to watch and yet haven’t gotten around too. I am just as guilty. I own some blu-rays that are still in their plastic wrapping, I am awful for it.  I say I’m going to watch this, and I’ll plan a day to catch up with all my TV shows – and I’ll just sleep. Or I’ll go out an socialise with those friends I rarely see. So my list just builds and builds and builds. I only finished Gossip Girl this year and I started watching it when it first aired!

My number one to watch: Jessica Jones
jessica-jones-ritterI first took notice of Krysten Ritter in Breaking Bad (like other did I’m sure), although she wasn’t in the programme for long, she left a big impression. Also starring David Tennant, Jessica Jones is former superhero who has set up her own detective agency. The show has been lauded by many a critics and many of my friends. All of which makes me very excited to sink my teeth into this show, as it sounds like a show I’d very much enjoy.

My currently watching: Daredevil
daredevil-netflix-3.jpgIf there’s anything hinting as to why I might like Jessica Jones – hello! I’m currently on the third episode of Season 1 (I know, I’m very behind!). It’s good so far, and I’ve been told by many that it gets much better. Add that to the fact I know they introduce The Punisher in the next season, even if it drags I’ll force my way through just for that.

The one enforced upon me: Fargo
fargo-tv-series-10-hour-movie.jpgI’m a fan of the original film, I am a big fan of most things The Coen Brothers do, and Frances McDormand was/is incredible. My boyfriend has been bugging me to watch the TV show for a long ole time now, and when season 2 came out he bugged me even more. He loves to imitate the Minnesota accent – so imagine how much fun that is for me! I’ve sworn to catch up before season 3 so I’ve got a little time!

The one I’ve tried before: Orange Is The New Black
o-ORANGE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACK-facebook1Now, I want to clarify I did not stop watching this because I got bored. But, I also can’t remember the reason I stopped watching it either. I will get back into this, as I know I enjoyed what I did watch. It’s just not the highest on my watch list right now.

The one I’ve wanted to watch for ages: Jericho
jericho_2006_8177_wallpaper.jpgThis originally came out in 2006 and I remember someone telling me all about it, and I was thoroughly intrigued about it. And then, in typical Katy fashion, I forgot all about it! Then, it popped up on Netflix and that moment of realisation hit me and I got excited to watch it all over again. So, sometime soon, I’ll finally find out if it’s any good or not.

Honorable mentions: House Of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Peaky Blinders, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Cooked, Sense 8, Love, Top Of The Lake.

Have you seen any of these shows? Please, tell me your views and what TV shows are on your list on Netflix or just in general!


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