An unboxing: FairyLoot

Thanks to WordPress and nosing around, I discovered FairyLoot through aliceinwonderbookland – who thanks to being a rep for FairyLoot means I got a 10% discount. Very much appreciated!
The FairyLoot concept is like that of every subscription box out there, you pay a monthly fee and receive a box in the post full of goodies! There are so many subscription boxes out there these days for a variety of different hobbies and interests. I’m sure most of you would of heard of the other, arguably most popular bookish subscription box – Owlcrate.
It was a tough decision to choose between Owlcrate and the newly discovered FairyLoot. However, Fairyloot is based in England therefore shipping was cheaper than it’s American counterpart, so I choose to go with FairyLoot, especially after the raving review from aforementioned blog.

This months’s theme was Intrigue. The box it arrived in was black, rather than the traditional white. It really does leave you filled with intrigue (heh).

The first thing I noticed about the box, was the printed quote on the side.
wp-1461154937500.jpgA nice, inspiring quote that appeals to my love of the fantasy genre as well. I’ve not personally read Coraline, but this quote does inspire me to look into it in the future.

Secondly, the packaging of the box was beautiful, purple ribbons and paper, very gothic and very up my street personally. The first lovely little present inside was a Pop! Vinyl Figure; of President Snow of The Hunger Games. I’m not a big collector of the Funko figures – I only have one; Jon Snow. So, as for now, I have only two and their both Snow’s (which is ironic and strange as that is my boyfriends last name).
Next up, was a candle. Now call me stereotypical, but I bloody love a candle! So, I was very excited to receive this, it’s a packaging is cute and it smells delicious – a nice smooth vanilla. You can’t go wrong, with a classic vanilla.
Thirdly was a small snippet of The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh – now this also excited me due to the fact I have been toying with purchasing this book for months now, literal months!It seems as though I would very much enjoy the book, but I don’t know why I just haven’t taken the plunge and ordered it yet, so now this can be the ultimate decider.
Lastly, was the big bundle, which all related to the book you get free within the box. The Glittering Court by author Richelle Mead, most famous for the Vampire Academy series (which I also have not read, sorry! But I was really sick of vampires at the time!)
Taken from Goodreads “Big and sweeping, spanning from the refined palaces of Osfrid to the gold dust and untamed forests of Adoria, The Glittering Court tells the story of Adelaide, an Osfridian countess who poses as her servant to escape an arranged marriage and start a new life in Adoria, the New World. But to do that, she must join the Glittering Court.” This may not be the typical YA novel that I would delve into, but I read the first chapter as a teaser as soon as I got it and it actually drew me in, I am a big fan of the writing the style, so I can’t wait to read more as soon as I finish the one I’m currently reading.
There was both a small poster related to the book that arrives that also draws me in to reading the book and a cute little bookmark that I will use for more than just this one book. Finally, some stick on tattoos that I will not use, but will appeal to certain fans I’m sure!
wp-1461154926813.jpgOverall, for my first FairyLoot, I was very impressed and I definitely cannot wait to order next months on Friday – the theme is High Fantasy and I am one very excited, very happy subscriber!

Do you order from FairyLoot? Or another bookish subscription box? Please chat to me about it, expand my knowledge, as I am definitely excited to learn more about other boxes!


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