Blog block – and fighting back.

Finding the time and finding the motivation.

I’ve not posted lately – and it was bugging me every day and yet I still did nothing about it. I left my blog to just sit there, unused.

So how do you finally lift yourself up, dust yourself down and get past that wall. I forced myself. I reminded myself why I started it in the first place. Because I love to write. I love to read. I love perusing endless blogs and reading countless posts on books and travel and food and everything. It brings me and joy, and that brings me motivation to do the same. To share my opinions and books reviews and film reviews and whatever else I decide to post about.

I admit, I’ve been slack and lazy and pushed the existence of my blog out of my mind. I’ve been busy, admittedly, not that I like to think of that as an excuse. But, I’m sure a lot of you will understand that it’s hard. You work hard for 8-10+ hours of the day and you just want to come home and rest. But no, no the work doesn’t end there. You come home and there’s dishes to clean, clothes to wash and fold. You have to shower, you can’t put off washing your hair for another day. And when a day off finally comes around? There’s that TV show I’ve fallen behind on, a pile of books I’ve still not read and friends that I desperately need to see. It’s hard.
I am passionate about blogging. I really would like to see this blog gain a good outreach, but it’s not my 100%, full on commitment. And that’s okay.


I will post, and the posts will be infinitely better when I have the passion and drive to post. Posting for the sake off posting will just result in content I’m hot happy with and no=one will be interested in reading.

Right now, I need to catch-up on the current season of The 100, start Daredevil season 2, finish reading The Knife Of Never Letting Go, start and finish reading A Court Of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. On the other hand, I have to clean my bathroom, wash a lot of clothes, pack for my holiday, tidy the bedroom and work in-between all that. Thankfully, these aren’t problems. They’re just nuisances in a life I lead that I’m very privileged to have.

I promise to post. I promise it will be irregular and erratic too. But sometimes, unpredictability is so much more fun.
Have you ever fell into a blogging rut? Please share tips with me!


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