Our First Holiday – Turkey

Me and my boyfriend had been together for over a year (which is still for a girl whose longest relationship has been months until now), after going through stages of a relationship quicker than we’d both imagined, money has been tight and the idea of a holiday a mere dream. Thankfully, the tides change and with help of work bonuses, we finally found ourselves looking at our first getaway together.
We didn’t plan on anything fancy, an all-inclusive resort; near a beach and a lot of sunshine. And that is precisely what we got.
We booked into Luna Blanca Resort & Spa in the area of Side, near Manavgat on the coast. It was a beautiful hotel. The staff were incredibly accommodating, all very polite and welcoming. Our room was delightful and came with air conditioning (very grateful!) and a very small sea view, but I could see the sea! My favourite part of the room was without a doubt the shower. Oh my word, the shower. I wish I had taken a picture.
The pools were glorious, and refreshing when you’d had too much tanning and needed to cool off. There was two to choose from, one for all the activities the ‘Lunamation’ team had planned and there other for those who just wanted to relax and retreat. The beac was also a short walk away, there was also a shuttle bus that could take you there. The beach was sectioned off into the ‘owned’ areas of all the hotels. It was lovely golden, sandy beach, perfect to relax and read a book on (which I did, two of them, they’ll be reviewed in separate posts). Being an all inclusive hotel meant that almost everything bar the al a carte restaurants was included, and considering this meant a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’m thankful I’m still able to fit into my clothes.
The area surrounding the hotel was.. less than desirable. Unfortunately, it definitely seemed like a work in progress. We ventured and we tried to enjoy the ‘outside’ however we spent most of our time in the hotel, as we did not have the money to venture further afield.

We did go on one excursion, an all-day boat trip which was fun to begin with but in the end seemed like we were going to be on the sea forever. We rented a jet-ski at one of the stop off points and my boyfriend managed to roll it over – taking a turn at full speed as he hit a wave. I was not impressed. I’m still not. But it’s a funny anecdote to be able to share.
Overall, our hotel was genuinely fabulous and if it were in a different location, would definitely consider going back. However, I’m not one to visit the same place twice, I want to see as much as I can, as little as that may end up being. And, even if I were, sadly, I would not return simply through the lack of anything to really do in the night-time.

Now, we are home, and settling back into normal routine, washing what seems like both of our entire wardrobes and mentally preparing ourselves to go back to work.


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