A Review: The Last Star – Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave. The Infinite Sea. The Last Star – the last instalment, the finale, the end. The trilogy written by Rick Yancey. Having been released just last month, The Last Star had been eagerly anticipated by fans of the series, me included, to finally wrap the fate of Cassie, Nugget, Zombie, Ringer and the rest.
I read this book in the expanse of three to four days whilst on holiday, not the happiest, most relaxing read to have, but it gave me an environment with very few distractions and I could attempt (I am very pale) to tan whilst I read. Glorious.
The trials and tribulations of Cassiopeia and her comrades has a last come to head. I would try to keep this spoiler-free but it just won’t be possible without sounding incredibly vague and you having no idea what I mean. So, warning, spoilers ahead.

I didn’t not like it. I did not love it. But, I did enjoy it. I felt it was an apt ending, with some parts being too incomprehensible for my brain, perhaps. I’ve been trying to write this review for the past few days, but I can’t seem to form coherent sentences about this book. I’ll start basic, I have thoroughly enjoyed this characters throughout the trilogy. They are very well written, three dimensional characters. Each characters has evolved and adapted and it’s great to see them do that. To see that basic instinct of survival come alive.
The plot however, seemed to be all over the show, there were so many threads to wrap over, it felt like it was tripping over itself. It took a lot from the last book, which is fine, it’s kind of the point of a series, but it seemed too much this time round – and I still can’t pout my finger on why. Potentially, for me, it still left a lot unresolved. Sure, it mostly wrapped up the characters individually, at a more rushed pace than I would’ve liked, they all got their ending, whether happy or otherwise. It just felt, anticlimactic. There was just much that could’ve happened, and although of course things did, perhaps I was just underwhelmed with the ending. The big finale shall we say.

I still enjoyed it, I still almost shed a tear, the fact I was in public at the time steeling my resolve, being the biggest factor as to why I didn’t actually cry.
I just felt like I needed more.


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