June – wrapped up!

Half way through the year already, is it just me or is that a little crazy?! 2016 where have you gone? July, you’re here. Welcome.
I have nothing of any particular interest happening in July, just getting through work, trying to see my family a bit more, and trying to plan some actual ‘dates’ in with my boyfriend since work happens to get in the way practically all of the time.

So, June! If you read this in any kind of regular sense – first of all, thank you! You’re awesome. Secondly, you may have read/saw that I went on my first holiday with my boyfriend, we went to Turkey! There is a whole blog post about it, which you can find here.

I got through more books than I thought I did, my traditional end of month Goodreads recap shocked me a little, I didn’t realise I had read 5 books – the same amount as last month, so I’m happy. A good book really can draw you in can’t it?
The Life Of Pi – Yann Martel, The Last Star – Rick Yancey, Ruined – Amy Tintera, The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson, Beautiful Broken Things – Sara Barnard.
I separately reviewed The Last Star, which if you so fancy to do so, can read here. However, I believe my favourite was Ruined by Amy Tintera that I received in my May FairyLoot box, which is incredibly lucky! It was an enthralling read that moved at just the right pace and had a wonderful female lead that was enrapturing and refreshing. Although, a definite recommendation for Beautiful Broken Things which is an incredibly, real and raw look at female friendship.

Lastly, due to us being a successful team, me and all my work colleagues got an free trip to Thorpe Park. As we are one big team we all went on two separate days (someone has to run the cinema) and it was one big hoot.
We mostly stayed in one big group for the day which was great and made queuing for the rides a whole less boring. Even if it basically rained the whole day, it was a great laugh and I am incredibly grateful I get to work with such an incredible group of people. The photo was taken at the beginning of the day before we were all rain-drenched and frizzy-haired!

So my June, was pretty darn fabulous and July will undoubtedly be quiet due to having to save for my boyfriend’s birthday in August. Hope you all had a good June, let me know if you got up to anything fun/interesting/at all! And your plans for the rest of 2016.




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