The attack of the Reading Slump.

It happens to all of us. It happens to some more frequently than others. The Reading Slump attack. It sucks. You look at your massive TBR pile, that grows and grows because what does restraint mean again? You look at that book you’re supposed to be currently reading and you turn away, with no impulse, no overwhelming desire to pick up that book and settle down taking you over.

And this period sucks. I am no friend to that feeling. The feeling not being in the mood to read, especially when I obviously know (I am me after all!) how much I bloody love reading. I didn’t buy all these books for nothing – well, maybe because they were 4 for 99p may have had something to do with it. Yet, I have no will-power at all to want to read. So, how do we fix this problem?

Just how do fix the reading slump? I’m sure everyone has different ways of solving this, but here are my top tips for fixing up that reading slump!


Try a new book 

Perhaps the most obvious of starting points, but sometimes it’s the book that is causing the issue. A change of pace is always good and sometimes, simply a change of genre is all it takes. Whilst I was reading Feast Of Crows; the fourth book by George RR Martin in A Song Of Ice And Fire, I read three books in the space of reading that one because the story excessively dragged – just ask anyone who’s read it.

Revisit an old favourite 

If it gets too much and nothing is particularly grabbing my fancy, I tend to go back to a book or a whole series that I know I love no matter what, usually Harry Potter, sometimes Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell since it came into my life. Revisiting old favourites can seriously rejuvenate your passion, just the pick me up you need when you’re struggling.

Try other things 

Perhaps obvious statement number, but sometimes entertaining yourself through other means for awhile is a good way to get back into something you’ve potentially overdone. Watch that TV show you keep scrolling past on Netflix. Put in an old favourite DVD of yours. There are so many easily accessible forms of entertainment surrounding us these days – that there are many easy distractions for you to choose. And switching it up now and then is an almost guaranteed way to defeat that demon.

Socialising with family/friends/S.O’s

Get out of your own headspace for awhile. This is needed for general life, not just to rid yourself of that pesky slump. But, in order to say good riddance, completely removing yourself from a reading situation full stop. Getting out and involved wholeheartedly in something else in an A+ way to help.

Face the enemy 

Sometimes you have to sit down, turn off all other forms of distraction – bye bye, phone. Have some well deserved sleep, laptop. And enforce yourself to read that pesky book that’s been troubling you. Because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get thoroughly, incredibly frustrated that you can’t read that book. Not finishing a book is one of my greatest pet peeves. Which, coincidentally does lead me to my final point…

Put it down, walk away 

Or alternatively, throw it out the damn window. You cannot enjoy every book, I’ve not enjoyed every book I’ve ever read and as much as I dislike it so, I have just not been able to plough my way through them. If you have to truly, completely force it, just move on.


So, those are my tips into defeating that reading slump, what are some of the ways you have conquered it? Please, sharing is caring after all!



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