The Re-Read: Harry Potter series

I, like many, admit I am a bloody big Potterhead, loud and proud. So recently, when I was down in a bit of a reading slump (me and The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out A Window and Disappeared, are quite frankly, not getting on), I decided to follow my own advice; which you can do too, here, and re-visit an old favourite.

In my world, an old favourite instantly means Harry Potter, as much as I’ve read and adored other books, nothing will come close to the magic (sorry…) that I feel when I read Harry P. To get back into the reading groove, I picked up The Philsopher’s Stone and sat myself down and got to reading!

wp-1471357191328.jpgI always find with my re-reads that I’ll always notice little details that I had just skipped over before, sure I’ve read it so many times before, but this time it’s significance was obvious to me.
Seemingly, during this re-read all of these little pops belongs to varying characters of the red-headed variety. My favourite (and everyone’s) wizarding family; The Weasley’s. Honestly, the love I have for these selfless, hilarious, caring, characters is never-ending and Fred’s death will always hit me hard. The way they welcome Harry into their family will always make me teary and Ginny is without a doubt one of my favourite females in the literary world (I say so here!) This time, I noticed how as the books progress, she appears alongside the trio more and more, so that by the time Harry realises his feelings for her, it doesn’t feel forced, nor unbelievable.
Little things like is one of the main reasons I will re-read this book continuously, as my love for it unfathomably grows every time, even though I believe I already adore it so.
Another realisation that hit me this time around, was that I enjoyed reading Half-Blood Prince a lot more. Usually I just got aggravated with Harry’s behaviour and general attitude, but this time for whichever reason, I found myself understanding it more. His near obsession with Malfoy is actually justified and isn’t just an annoyance to me, like it had been the many time I had read it before.

This re-read coincidentally coincided with the release of The Cured Child – a review of which will be up shortly!
What are you favourite parts of the Harry Potter series? Let’s discuss!


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