An unboxing: FairyLoot

I adore FairyLoot – based in England (no shipping charges!), they are a subscription box for book lovers everywhere, considering they have only been around for months, they have achieved so much! I ordered my first box a few months back and you can find my review of that box here.

The theme for the August box was Dark Deeds – which instantly had me snapping up a box the as soon as it was up for sale. With a limited quantity available each month, I was not going to miss out on this one!

Safe to say, I was not disappointed! This is definitely my favourite of my three FairyLoot boxes. So lets get down to the goodies;

The first little gift, was some nail decals made exclusively for FairyLoot by House of Wonderland. These are absolutely adorable, and will definitely be getting some use out of me. Well, when the time comes I can actually paint my nails, however in my job which can involve the handling of food. I am sadly not allowed painted nails.
The second thing I came across, is wholeheartedly my favourite, simply because I am a big ole Potterhead. Bedecked in the Slytherin colours is a coaster bearing the quote “You must be a Weasley”. Another exclusive, this was designed by BookOtter. The quote is said by Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone). And as a proud Slytherin, yet Weasley fanatic; this coaster is my new favourite thing.
Thirdly, we have the animorphia notebook which is divine. It’s both a places for various forms of art; writing, listing, doodles and colouring. Filled with intricately beautiful illustrations by Kerby Rosanes – that will please any creative mind. The notebook is brought to us from Michael O Mara Books.
May I just say, this book is jam packed with treats, I remember opening it and finding item after item and feeling very spoilt! Fourthly, we have a delicious smelling ‘The Dark Side’ candle from Geeky Clean. After perusing their website after this discovery I must say if I had money to spend freely, I would definitely, 100% be making a few cheeky buys to start a collection! The candle had an intriguing smell that I couldn’t place, reminding me of a fair few things, until I read the breakdown card and discovered it’s Fruit Loops! How sweet – literally! This candle is also another FairyLoot exclusive because spoilt!
The last item before we got to the biggie of the book, is an item I have genuinely been pining over since I discovered Behind The Pages were doing soaps. And we got the one soap I wanted above all other because, well, because Rhysand! (all the heart eyes emojis). It is supposedly a fragrance of citrus and jasmine, not that I’ve unwrapped it yet to find out. Because Rhysand!
Now the big, and arguably most important part! The book itself. The book we’re given is always befitting the theme of the month, hence my extra excitement. This month we have Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, author of; Thr Lotus War series and co-author of The Illuminae Files series. You can find a link to the Nevernight Goodreads page here – if you wish to find out more about the book.
Although, if we’re going on aesthetics, the cover is gorgeous and the hardcover underneath is even more so!
Overall, I was outrageously happy with this FairyLoot, I opted out of purchasing the September one due to financial circumstance (I’m moving again), so we’ll see what October brings – other than my birthday!
Which bookish subscription box do you recommend?


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