A Review: Nevernight – Jay Kristoff

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, for this I apologise. Life, of course, got in the way. A full-time job that is taking up more hours that I’d like (but more money is always welcome!) and a poorly sick boyfriend have been fully occupying my time, so any time not spent with either, is firmly spent in my bed.

Somehow, however, I managed to read Nevernight, the latest release by Jay Kristoff; author of The Lotus War series and co-author of The Illuminae Files series. Happily received in my August FairyLoot (the review / unboxing of which you can find here).

Following the story of Mia Corvere, a sixteen year old with vengeance in her blood. The loss of her familia sending Mia to the Red Church, to become an assassin, to finally learn what is that calls to her from the shadows.

You can bet your ass there will be spoilers!

I was dubious heading in, it seemed similar to the concept of Throne of Glass, and I adored that series. However, consider my doubts squashed. Although both follow a young female assassin, the stories similarities pretty much end there.
Mia Corvere is on a hunt for vengeance for her familia, taken from her when she was only ten, with a mysterious control over the shadows that follow her, Mia turns to the Maw; the Goddess of Night and her blessed Red Church, to become a skilled enough assassin to exact her revenge on the powerful political figures that are untouchable to her otherwise.

I enjoyed the writing style of this book – the little footnotes that expand the universe the book is set it. It’s feels like it’s being narrated to you, rather than you doing the narrating. It’s weird at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh take. it really helps you understand the world that this story is set in, how brutal and bloodthirsty, how the three suns and alck of ‘truedark’ truly have an impact on this society.
I also enjoy the flashback sections, to show how Mia was shaped into the  person she is when we meet her. And, perhaps my favourite – the opening chapter. The contrast of the scenarios, the situations. It’s so beautifully juxtaposed that I was surprisingly willing for the rest of the book to be written in that style.
Mia Corvere is a very relatable character, and for once, it’s refreshing to not get overly annoyed by the decisions the main character chooses. You can see both the logic and emotion behind her choices and the dark that she grapples with page to page. They make her far more human than you would expect for someone training in the art of murder.
The supporting characters are also explored, if not as fully as you would like in some cases. However, her closest companion Tric, and his hauntingly dark backstory will stay with you long after you’ve initially read it.

I honestly, greatly enjoyed this book and am very saddened that the sequel is far away! But, I will absolutely be pre-ordering it as soon as I am able too. For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo and such, I would thoroughly recommend this heart-breaking story.



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