August (and July) – wrapped up!

Yes, I know. It’s already the 9th September, I am a little behind, sorry!
Also the fact we’re already in September is frightening, feels like only a few months ago I moved in with Marcus and now it’s already been over a year, madness.

So whilst 2016 goes past like a whirlwind, I managed to completely miss a July – wrapped up! Confessional; there was nothing to wrap up. I did nothing of note and spent a whole lot of time working. Hung out with my friends and boyfriend and family. Regualr ole month.

August, the month in which things actually happened, huzzah!

So, as this is predominately a bookish blog, I disappointingly only read two new books in August. In my defence, I also re-read the entire Harry Potter series throughout July and August in the build up to the release of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. The Museum of Heartbreak – Meg Leder.
I honestly thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – if you go into knowing and accepting that it is a stage play script and not an actual novel, I personally could imagine the events rolling out in my mind. As much as I thought it a tad unbelieveable (in a world of magic and unicorns and The Dark Lord…) I still thought it a little added bonus, especially as trying to get ticket for the production is like trying to find Atlantis.
The Museum of Heartbreak was too pretentious for me. I couldn’t find any of the characters relatable and even their name started to grain on me towards the end. There was only one characters appearances that I enjoyed – Ephraim – other than that, it was an okay read but not one I’d find myself reaching for again.

My  darling boyfriend turned 22 (cue the Taylor Swift music), we didn’t do much as money was tight, but we went for breakfast at Buddies – it’s our favourite meal to treat ourselves too. It’s a small American diner, with a few restaurants dotted around here and there. Most of them are within a reasonable driving distance to us, so off we went. We both chose pancakes, mine with bacon and hash browns, his with bacon, sausage and potatoe cubes, with a generous helping of maple syrup of course. It was as delicious as ever.

wp-1473089309484.jpgAnother food related venture! Me and a few friends took a trip to Aylesbury to visit The Works; a dessert-centric restaurant. Well, if that’s not a little slice of heaven! So, in my friends car we all got and had a little trip over and it was definitely worth it. A vast selection of waffles, crepes, cakes and sundaes – as well as a menu of something savoury for those lacking a sweet tooth. You can find the full menu here.
I had the Key Lime Pie Waffles and swapped my vanilla ice cream for strawberry and I could have eaten five plates it was so wonderful. The sweetness of the strawberry and waffle taking of the citrusy bitterness of the lime flavour. I will definitely be going back!

Other than that my August was pretty work-filled as ever. Summer holidays meaning it’s busy busy busy. So enough it will be time for the September wrap because 2016 is going at an obnoxious pace.


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