A Review: Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms is the fifth instalment of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. It could be counted as the sixth if the count of the prequel novellas, bound together in The Assassin’s Blade. If you haven’t heard or been recommended Throne of Glass, then where have you been?! A novel and author thoroughly recommended in the YA world; the Throne of Glass series tells the story of Celaena Sardothien – Ardalan’s Assassin – a young girl trained in the art of murder from the age of 10.

Honestly, I am so excited every time she releases a new novel in this series, the pre-order is made and the agonising wait for the postman begins. This year was no different, having already had my first helping of Sarah J Maas through the wonder that was A Court Of Mist and Fury (the review of which you can find here) I eagerly anticipated Empire of Storms, of my beloved Celaena.

Warning; this review is FULL OF THE SPOILERS.

So, if you’ve read the series to this point – to the release of EoS. Then you know, you know Celaena is Aelin, the lost Queen of Terrasen, that Dorian is filled with magic that is yet unexplored and unknown, that Rowan and Aelin are everything. That Lysandra is the actual heroine of this story and YOU CANNOT TELL ME DIFFERENT.

One of my favourite things about this novel, and this series in general in how most of hte powerful players (good or bad) are women; they are the ones to be feared. Aelin – with the power of flame at her fingertips. Manon Blackbeak – the witch bred to be a child of war, wth her ironteeth and nails. Lysandra – the shifter who can take any form and be anyone, anything. Maeve – the Fae Queen who is darkness.
The men simply fall at their feet.

Empire of Storms encapsulates everything I have adored about this series so far, how far they are all willing to push themselves for not just their lives, but the lives of millions. How much their love for each other can withstand. The power, the true, devastating power Aelin truly holds in her palms, in her unfathomable core. The power play in this book is definitely what it’s all been building up to, as all of Aelin’s plots unravel, you realise how big a foundation Sarah J Maas has built in all the previous books. How many threads she’s spun and little details she’s left behind that all come together at the end of this book. And I cannot wait to see it all unfold in the next instalment.

I’ve mentioned her twice already – but I adore Lysandra. The character development and exploration in the past few books has probably been my favourite thing. From Celaena’s enemy to her closest confidant – the pain and horrors that she’s been through. The power of her shifting. I am slightly in love with Lysandra, and I will shout it from rooftops of Rifthold.
All together, EoS was a wondrous read that I enjoyed every minute of. The pace never stagnated and, every plot point and arc seemed strategic and well thought out. I honestly cannot wait for the next yet unnamed book.
Let me know what you thought of Empire of Storms! And Throne of Glass.


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