A Review: Witch’s Pyre – Josephine Angelini

I both love and hate finishing a series, on one side you finally get to find out the big ending, the last hurrah, and hope that everything works out for your favourite characters, you get to find out what it is the previous books have been building up toward.
And then, it’s over. There will be no more; no more of your faves, no more of the world you’ve lost yourself in for actual years.

Witch’s Pyre is the final instalment in The Worldwalker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini; author of The Starcrossed Trilogy.
The trilogy follows the sickly Lily Proctor – essentially allergic to anything life throws at her Lily lives her life always ill, feeling rejected by the world she protests to protect. And then, in a twist of fate, Lily finds herself in a whole other world. And be finding herself – I mean it literally, she finds another Lillian; The Salem Witch. Thrust into the midst of impending war, Lily finds herself pitted against.. herself.

If you’ve not read the Worldwalker trilogy, as always, spoiler alert! But, no spoilers for Witch’s Pyre itself! 
Witch’s Pyre picks up where Fire Walker left off; Lily and her coven taken by Warrior Sisters. It was a good cliff hanger, although with the knowledge and anticipation of the last novel in the series, it was slightly obvious they were never going to be in any real danger straight away. However, it picks up and immediately throws you straight into story, I appreciate that. This is no slow burn, this is stoking a fire ready for the big finale.
I’ve always found something about Lily likeable; it may be how human she is hown to be, even as a witch. She has obvious flaws, and it’s never shied away from. They show her vulnerability and we get to progress with her, learn with her, and it makes her all that more relatable. As the lead, you don’t want someone to be perfect, and Lily is far from it, and that is why you love her.
Whereas something about Rowan always frustrated me, he was, too perfect. And this books eventually tries to do the same, it’s all very repetitive and I sadly got bored of hearing about him after awhile. Rowan, the consistently, tirelessly good guy. It was just too much for me.
Caleb, Breakfast, and Una however, are characters I would’ve happily heard more of. Caleb was at war with himself, his coven and his witch. There was so much that could’ve been explored more in depth. He had such a destructive upbringing that definitely could have played a much bigger part, I’d settle for a novella! Anything! Please.

I enjoyed the multi-verse creation – the whole idea of there being multiple universes, and essentially multiple versions of yourself. It’s a bit of a notion to wrap your head around, but the author explores it enough for it makes some sense, but not too much that you’re just staring at the pages thinking what on earth is going on.
The settings of the book were well developed and Bower City truly sounded haunting – the idea of massive hybrid bees surveying your every move is genuinely terrifying. Especially, if like a lot of the human population, bees scare you.
The crossing over of the two worlds and the overlay is also explored, the subtle differences, the smallest of similarities – how the land is inherently the same yet completely different, is all great to discover.
Other than Rowan, the only thing that frustrated me about this book was the slightly abrupt ending, as you progress towards the end of the book and the page count between you and the back cover gets smaller and smaller, you realise this book is about to end and fast. As much as it was an agreeable ending, it doesn’t really wrap up any of the characters in a satisfactory way – the relationships aren’t tied up, especially the new ones developed at the end of the book, and it seriously irked me, as there was so much more that could’ve been explored in depth.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trilogy, with each one throwing a new development and new twists which kept it fresh and moving forward at a good pace. I would heartily recommend this series to those that read YA fantasy (which is a whole lot fo you!). If you’ve read all / any let me know what you thought!


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