A Review: Ice Like Fire – Sara Raasch

I enjoyed this book more than I expected too. Ice Like Fire is the sequel to Snow Like Ashes and the second book of the trilogy. I read Snow Like Ashes late last year and it drew me in to the Season and Rhythm world of Primoria.

Ice Like Fire takes place right after the second book leaves off – following the POV of Meira, occasionally interspersed with Mather chapters. We follow Meira as she struggles with her new reality – the Winterian is still as lost and alone she we found her in the first novel.

Rest assured, there are no spoilers!

I read many a review going into this novel saying that at times, it felt painstakingly slow. That it felt more like filler – a bridge between the first and last book in the trilogy. Although I can completely understand their opinions, this book does at times feel almost entirely like filler. It’s slow-paced, with little action dotted about here and there, it’s not got a whole lot to sink your teeth in to.

However! I actually found myself enjoying this; the character development of the main protagonist Meira was riveting to read. As she copes with her new role – how everything around her has shifted dramatically is entirely relatable. Well, as relatable as a fantasy novel set in the Season kingdom of Winter can be!
Lastly, I really enjoyed the odd Mather chapter, it was good to get a different viewpoint and it very much helped in fleshing out the characters. In order to fully understand everyone’s decisions and the repercussions there of, it truly explored everyone’s perspective.

I enjoyed all wide selection of characters we meet, especially Ceridwen, I was wholly intrigued about the Summerian Princess rebel. As her story unfolds during the process of the book you really rally behind her – I thought her an incredible addition to the trilogy.
We meet a selection of new characters in the duration of this book – and they all have their card held close to their chest – it really adds to the build and eventually explosion that will be the third and final novel.

I truly think this world is well-built and easily comes together in your imagination – the Season kingdoms and the Rhythm kingdoms – all beautiful but each hidden their own dark secrets. The story is well strung together between these kingdoms – each getting it’s own focal point as the story progresses, really opening up the world to the reader.
It’s truly a place I want to explore, I want to learn more of how each kingdom works – especially the quirks and traits of each Season – how they relate to their seasonal namesake.

Essentially, Ice Like Fire was a good read, it’s a tad different from Snow Like Ashes and although slow paced, it helps you imagine the whole world and the scenarios and feelings that Meira is facing and that I believe in itself, makes this sequel worth the read.


2 thoughts on “A Review: Ice Like Fire – Sara Raasch

    1. Ah thank you! Very lucky to have my little window nook to take them in.

      The names are very hard to pronounce, I’m not even sure how you say Ceridwen. So I just call her Ceri for short, I think they do in the book as well to be fair.

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