The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello! My first official tag/award! That’s genuinely exciting as it means someone, somewhere, even if it’s just one person, is reading my little blog. Thank you, Breanna at Pages Bound Together  for tagging me – you’re super-awesome-mega-cool okay? Definitely, check out her blog, it’s got a range of posts and in general is super pretty!


So the rules of the award!

  • show the award on your blog
  • share seven different facts about you
  • nominate fifteen different blogs of your choice
  • link your nominees and let them know of your nomination!

So here we go!

Seven facts about Katy.

  1. Despite the fact I am nearly 24 years old, and have had the same name the entire time, my own family will always, always, spell my name with an ‘ie’ on the end, instead of a ‘y’. Rude.
  2. I’ve only ever had one job – and I’ve been there for seven years! It’s in a cinema and most of the time I enjoy my job, even when it’s crazy busy! (Here’s looking at you Star Wars).
  3. I adore YA fantasy more than any other genre. I just love the escapism of heading into this amazingly imaginative worlds and the kickass characters that come with it.
  4. There was, a two-ish year period in my teens when I only read what was required for school. I can’t believe it looking back now, but yes, that period existed
  5. I am a big fan of wrestling. Yes it’s scripted, but it’s entertaining. The moves, the risks, the injuries are all real. Also, the women are actually killin’ it right now.
  6. I do not have one favourite book, I do not have one favourite film. I have top fives – and even then, entire series fill my top five – how can you choose just one?!
  7. I moved out for the first time August last year – it’s expensive and me and my boyfriend are constantly budgeting, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I adore out little space in the world.

So, there we are, seven facts about me! I’m not sure I’ll nominate fifteen blogs, it’s quite a large number, but I shall tag a few of course 🙂








There were go, seven facts and seven blogs – much more manageable!

Hope you all have as much fun as I did doing this

– K.



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