An unboxing: The Best Damn Book Box

This is my third Best Damn Book Box and I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve got in the past – despite shipping setbacks and courier issues – the boxes always end up with you, and despite coming to me all the way from the states; they have arrived in excellent condition too.

The theme of this box was Peter Pan – I will admit I didn’t actually intend to purchase this box; after happily buying both the Beauty and the Beast box and the Game of Thrones box – I forgot that it was an automatic renewal system and thus ended with the Peter Pan box. I am actually rather grateful of this as it was a lovely box insides, packed full of goodies inside!

The box contains many a lovely little item! The first three are adorable little items of jewellery. The first two are by Mermaid Gypsy – a beautiful set of earrings (which unfortunately I can’t wear due to not having my ears pierced!) and this gorgeous opal ring in the most enchanting of bluey-green colour.
The third is the ‘Second Star To The Right’ charm bracelet by The Best Damn Craft Shop – this gorgeous black rope bracelet with a little silver fairy charm – it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing frequently!

The other item in this box by Mermaid Gypsy are a pair of cute little button magnets – one with Tinkerbell and one with the profile of Peter Pan and the quote ‘dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough’.

There is another Peter Pan magnet from Art Prints Retail. Also two art prints – one of Peter Pan and the card with all the box information – both gorgeous in their own right, and will definitely be taking a place on my display board!

And before we get to the book – we have some crumbling wax melt from Once Upon A Wick – again the colours of these are so beautiful and the smell is just divine. I cannot wait to use these.

And lastly, of course, the book! This is now one of the most incredible books I own. The exquisite edition of Peter Pan – illustrated by Minalima. This book is called an interactive edition, and for a reason. During the stories, after every turn you are met with little treasure; it’s now, honestly, one of the most exciting books I own. I cannot wait to pick up future editions.

Have you ever had a Best Damn Book Box – what have you thought? What’s your favourite book box subscription service?


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