My view: The realities and pressures of blogging.

We all start book blogging, or any type of blogging really for one reason, we have passions and dreams and we want to do something with them – a blog is a (mostly) free creative outlet for thousands – yet sometimes there is more pressure then we realize that comes with that.

We all want to see said dreams and passions become a reality – the successful bloggers and YouTubers that are fortunate enough to have their platform be their life – it is their job. Eventually, that may be the end goal for a lot of us.
We all want to be read by the hundreds, by the thousands, to interact with a whole bunch of people on a daily basis on various platforms – through vlogs or Instagram or daily blog posts, we want that interaction, in some cases – the validation that comes with knowing our work is appreciated. And that’s okay! Feeling ashamed because you like that the hard work and effort you put in is read/watched/ingested is not a bad thing, far from it.
But sometimes, it can all get a bit too much.

I started my blog in April of this year – so it’s still practically a baby. I’d not long learned of the world of book blogging and to be honest, my ideas and my reality were a bit of a mess. There’s a Wrestlemania review, a couple of film reviews and it took a solid month of sporadic, non-related posts for me to garner a sense of direction and theme for my blog.
I became a book blog – I was reading more than I was doing anything else and had fallen in love with bookstagram – my blog was truly born.

I love blogging, it combines two of my greatest passions in reading and writing and 90% of the time, blogging is an incredible side project that helps fill that slight hole that I’m doing something I love outside of my full-time job.
Then there’s the other 10% – where I don’t post for a few days and feel like I’ve let myself down as try to post every other day, when I can’t post because I don’t have pictures due to working long hours and missing the natural light for the day. When I go into reading slumps and I’ve nothing to review! I’m a book blog, one of the main points is to review.
Furthermore, there’s the part none of us like to admit that get us down – those posts that get very few likes, if any. When your follower counts remains stagnant for a long period of time. When you start to question is it even worth your time?

These are the realities and pressure of blogging – apart from, for me at least, it’s all entirely self-inflicted. Of course, it’s worth it, you silly goose! You love to write, you love to read, you do it for and not for anyone else. Sure, it’s wonderful when others read your work, and especially when they enjoy it and press that like button – but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not what it’s all about.
It’s about enjoying what you do, and if you don’t enjoy it, take that break! Follow another dream, another passion, then come back when you’re ready. It’s yourย blog, and ultimately, you have the final say.

Have you ever felt pressure in your time blogging? Do you have any advice or helpful tips for your fellow bloggers! please leave them here for a follow-up post!





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