The Disappearing Act – a life anecdote.

Just an update in the life of Katy – hey that’s me!

Mainly, I’ve been a bit sparse on the updates recently and my posting has definitely been nothing short of sporadic. So here’s a quick update on life and all things blog related and how soon I plan on getting back on track.

Essentially, I moved! I moved from my lovely little house with my boyfriend and back into my parent’s house – therefore just the one room for me! It was a big upheaval as I had accumulated a house’s worth of stuff, to then fit into one room. It was a lot of being determined and throwing away/donating all that was completely necessary/those I couldn’t because sentimentality is a thing.

Secondly, my social life has therefore increased as I now have to plan to see my boyfriend rather than him just being there; when I woke up, when I got home, it’s very strange.

Lastly, I got sick, nothing serious but it’s kept me bedbound and unwilling to do anything other sleep my days away or watch mindless rubbish on YouTube as short 10/15 mins videos are pretty much as far as my attention span went.

So stick with me! I’m on the mend and the posts are being queued up and I should be back on track soon.




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