T5W #6: Fictional job you’d like to have.

I’m back! Easing back into my routine with another Top 5 Wednesday for you. This week the topic is ‘fictional jobs you’d want to have’. Any fictional career you’d want to have – remember that top 5 Wednesday is always open to movies, TV and video games.

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group now run by Samantha at Thoughts On Tomes. Where you are given a topic to post about every Wednesday; simple. You can find the link to the Goodreads group here.

So without much further ado – here we go!

O N E – X-MEN.

I’ve always wanted to be an X-Man, part of Charles Xavier’s merry band of superheroes. As my favourite characters out of the grand Marvel universe (not the film, NOT THE FILMS), I’ve always pondered what powers I’d want. Essentially my superpower would be to control the elements (yes more than one, I’m greedy!), earth, air, water, fire probably doesn’t count but that too. Then, I can meet Gambit.

T W O – Dragonborn/Dohvakiin.

From the popular video game Skyrim, the dragonborn is more a role you’re born into but that aside, I’d love to be the chosen one. I’d love to explore the lands of Skyrim and take on the dragons with my magicka (always magic, always).

T H R E E – Wayfarer. 

When I read it last year I fell in love with The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers and I think it would be such an experience to become part of the Wayfarer’s crew and explore the universe with this close-knit, familial-like crew onboard the cosiest spaceship I’ve ever seen described.

F O U R – Teacher at Hogwarts.

I feel this one doesn’t necessarily warrant an explanation, JUST LET ME BE PART OF THIS WORLD. Also, I think I’d like to teach Potions.

F I V E – Crucible.

This lore and world left a lot of be explored in The Worldwalker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini. An all-powerful witch in control of loyal, beautiful mechanics in a multiverse?! Honestly, there’s so much left for us to discover in this world.

What fictional job would you like to have?



4 thoughts on “T5W #6: Fictional job you’d like to have.

  1. X-Men all the way! To be able to be telekinetic-Jean Grey, was also at the top of my list although you’re right; controlling all of the elements would be super-amazing. I’m also a sucker for any character that can kick butt but to be an Amazonian princess and Demi-Goddess, I’m going to have to go with Wonder Woman! She’s pretty badass and I love her history!

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