A review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown

A popular, well-received trilogy that’s been recommended to me over and over and over again! Most notably (in my world), one of my best friends recommended it to me, citing the name Sevro on repeat. Then, one of my managers at work recommended it to me too, also mentioning in his rave review; the name Sevro.
Not meaning much to me upon picking up the novel or those that have never heard of and therefore know nothing of this book, I’m sure fans of the book are probably nodding to themselves that this makes perfect sense.

So, as I found the first in this series in one of my many local charity shops many months back, it was time to dig it out of the ever-growing TBR pile and bump it up to my actual next-to-read book.

Goodreads Synopsis
rrDarrow is a Red, a member of the lowest caste in the color-coded society of the future. Like his fellow Reds, he works all day, believing that he and his people are making the surface of Mars livable for future generations.
Yet he spends his life willingly, knowing that his blood and sweat will one day result in a better world for his children.

But Darrow and his kind have been betrayed. Soon he discovers that humanity already reached the surface generations ago. Vast cities and sprawling parks spread across the planet. Darrow—and Reds like him—are nothing more than slaves to a decadent ruling class.
Inspired by a longing for justice, and driven by the memory of lost love, Darrow sacrifices everything to infiltrate the legendary Institute, a proving ground for the dominant Gold caste, where the next generation of humanity’s overlords struggle for power. He will be forced to compete for his life and the very future of civilisation against the best and most brutal of Society’s ruling class. There, he will stop at nothing to bring down his enemies… even if it means he has to become one of them to do so.

This is a spoiler free review so do not worry!

Red Rising is more than just the story of its MC, Darrow. It is, at least in this book of the trilogy, a story of people. It is a story of how, no matter what class you are, what colour you are in this scenario; a Red, a Gold, a Pink, an Obsidian, that we all have our redeeming qualities and we all have our flaws.
As we follow Darrow, we see as he discovers that despite it all, everyone is human in the end. He himself, is the first realise it, as much as he doesn’t like – it sure makes it hard to hold old prejudices. But, he also learns it about himself.
His personal journey is incredibly relatable even if the scenario he finds himself; training to be a Peerless Scarred on the surface of Mars, is not. It could be argued that he is not the most interesting of MC’s that you’ll find in the Science-Fiction genre. But, Darrow is definitely the sturdy, headfast lead that this story and series will need. An honest, confused and hot-headed characters that leaves lots of space for development in the future installments.

Then, we come to Sevro, the Goblin. The guy that manages to make everyone I’ve come across that has read this book love him. What a surprise he was too – for a character who garnered the nickname Goblin, you sure can’t help but eagerly await his next scene in the book, he is just so intriguing. I don’t want to spoil the plot, nor Sevro himself, so I’ll stop here, but just know to never underestimate Sevro.

Honestly, I found Red Rising to be a strange read. I enjoyed myself when I was reading it, yet whenever I put it down for whatever reason, I rarely had the urge to pick it back up again. Which is a very strange feeling for me, one that doesn’t happen often. I know I was gripped, yet no urge.
Either way, I forced myself into a reading rhythm – one of the biggest tasks was getting to grips with the occasional info-dumps that happened, especially in the earlier parts of the book. The writing itself may not be the most lyrical or poetic, but it works in the context; the military-esque setting that we find ourselves in. It’s fast-paced and exciting and pushes along with the explosive need of the plot.

I would definitely recommend this book to so many variants of book readers, it’s just so enjoyable to me. I cannot wait to pick up both Golden Son and Morning Star to find out how it all concludes, safe to say it will be one big finish!
Have you read Red Rising? What were your thoughts? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “A review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown

  1. I just finished Morning Star, and I’m so sad it is over (for now, can’t wait for the authors new books). And YES Sevro ❤ I didn't know that everyone loves him as much as I do, but it isn't a huge shock, haha.


  2. What a lovely review! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it; I recently finished this series myself and I was pleasantly surprised at how gripping it was (I don’t usually read the sci-fi genre)!Sevro really grew on me through this series too, I especially loved him in Morning Star 🙂
    I agree with the writing style for Red Rising though- it was quite military-esque, but it did fit with the genre really well.


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