A Day in London – a life anecdote.

A (hopefully) nice change with a personal post coming your way! It’s always good – in my humble opinion – to change things up once in a while, lest they become stale. A little update on a day of my life.

Wednesday just past, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two-year anniversary a week early! We chose to do this as our anniversary falls on the English date for Mother’s Day (a day where everywhere hikes their prices up!), and we’d managed to acquire two last minute tickets for Aladdin the Musical!

We were very fortuitous as the weather was absolutely glorious for mid-March, especially in gloomy ole England! It reached temperatures of nearly 16 degrees centigrade, that is basically summer. As it was the wrong side of payday, this meant we got to mosey around London and enjoy the sights in a leisurely fashion, as we didn’t have to worry about a sudden downpour, or getting too cold.
We walked along the Thames and came across the Southbank Centre book market, what a treat for me that was. It was a lovely set-up, easy to explore the lines and lines of books they had on offer. I picked up two X-Men comics for £5 and was extremely happy.

We then headed for our first real activity for the day, going to the viewing decks of The Shard – the tallest building in the UK. We were so lucky to have such a sunny day it meant the views went on for miles. It’s such a lovely set-up, up there too, there’s no rush so you can spend as much time looking out at the world around you as you please. There’s also a small cafe/bar, which didn’t charge as extortionately as we expected, but I’m sure going to a restaurant up there is a different story.
As we’re not the fancy dinner types, no matter the occasion, we headed to The Diner in Spitalfields and chowed down on some American breakfast food for dinner. And, we indulged in some ‘hard’ shakes – milkshakes with added alcohol, and boy oh boy, mine was delicious! I had the True Blue, a blueberry milkshake with amaretto – that hint of cherry at the end was divine, although it did not taste a smidge like alcohol.We also popped along to The London Cocktail Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, this great underground bar with a wide selection of cocktails and various other drinks – it had a really chill vibe. I got a Brixton Riot, and my boyfriend got The Dude – a purposeful Big Lebowski reference. Thankfully, it was happy hour so we both got 2-4-1 and happily sat and sipped the evening away, awaiting the time for Aladdin!
Lastly, the main event of the evening – Aladdin the musical! And what an event it was. Honestly, the best musical I’ve seen on stage. It was phenomenal! The musical numbers were energetic, and the characters were funny and the costumes were so so sparkly. The whole musical was full of colour and charm and I had a smile on my face throughout. The Genie was such a hilarious, charismatic character who was the real highlight of the show!
Overall, me and my other half had a wonderful day out together, to celebrate our relationship so far. We were so lucky to have such glorious weather!
Have you seen Aladdin the Musical?  What did you think? Let’s chat.



3 thoughts on “A Day in London – a life anecdote.

  1. Oh gosh I’ve been wanting to see Aladdin the Musical for ages- I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it 🙂 And I didn’t know about the Southbank Book Market!? I’m definitely going to have to check it out now- thanks for letting me know, haha!!
    Lovely post!

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