Series I’ve yet to finish #1 (hint: there’s a lot)

Confession time, I am A-W-F-U-L at finishing series of books. Honestly, awful, I’ll read the first, sometimes the second book, then not continue them. I have so many unfinished series sitting my shelves; incomplete, alone.
It’s just not right.
Some of them I really, really enjoyed too! 4/5 star reads some of them and yet I still don’t carry them on, it’s an awful habit I have, and I don’t see myself breaking it anytime soon.

I am the worst.

So here they are – the top 5 series I’ve yet to finish #1 – because there’s too many for one list!

O N E – Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi 

In light of recent news that Tahereh is revisiting this series and adding three more books to this once trilogy, it’s about darn time I read Ignite Me – don’t ya think?! Despite basically adoring the first two books I never got around to picking up what was the last book, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s definitely gone up my wish list now!

T W O – Infernal Devices / Bane Chronicles / The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare 

I suppose this counts but doesn’t at the same time. The universe is so expanded now and I’ve heard that the rest of the series are better than the original – The Mortal Instruments. So I really can’t wait to jump back into this world, especially with Lord of Shadows being released very soon.

T H R E E – Red Rising by Piece Brown 

After a rocky start, I loved loved loved Red Rising. I thought it was the perfect combination of being a Sci-Fi book, yet having the flow and edge of fantasy writing to it. It has such flawed, imperfect, and slightly insane characters (here’s looking at you Sevro), that you can’t help but invest in them. You root for them, even though you know it’s looking pretty bleak. I need to delve right back into this world – especially as this is another being extended!

F O U R – The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater 

Yes, I have only read the first of these books. Even though I can’t remember loving a set of characters more than Blue and her Raven Boys. I vastly enjoyed all their interactions and developments and learning about each of them. It’s been awhile since I’ve loved every main character, let alone five of them! I really do want to see how all these relationship dynamics change as the books go on, yet here I am still on book one!
I suck.

F I V E – Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

I have Frost Like Night sat on my shelf. I have done since Christmas. I love the world that Raasch has created in this trilogy, and unlike others in reviews I’ve read, actually really like Meira – I think she’s incredibly realistic for the setting. Sure in some aspects some say she’s ‘boring’, but I think it makes her relatable.


So here are the first five series that I’ve yet to finish! Trust me there will be a few more lists like this coming your way soon!


4 thoughts on “Series I’ve yet to finish #1 (hint: there’s a lot)

  1. I’ve not finished The Snow Like Ashes trilogy either. I’ve read the first one and really liked it although it was hugely predictable. I’m debating whether to read the other two books though. I’ve also left the Red Rising trilogy unfinished.

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  2. I gave up on the Raven Cycle…I listened to the first book on audio and I was expecting to really enjoy it because of all of all the hype, but I ended up just being really disappointed. At the time, I thought I would eventually continue with the series but now I’m just not bothered; there’s too much other stuff to read!

    Zoe @ Readabilitea


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