September Wrap Up

Somehow 2019 is flying past (hence why this is already a few days late – restart your blog as you mean to go on!), and honestly, I’m pretty okay with it as it has been a shockingly bad year. More than happy to see it leave and have a fresh go of it in 2020! 

So September, not actually a bad month all-in-all, I got some real reading done for the first time since February. Which really means I read more than one book over the course of a month! Me and boyfriend got to actually do fun things together and have some real time to ourselves which was very lovely, and we celebrated his 26th birthday! 

I finally committed to relaunching this blog and have lots of posts lined up and ready to go, so I don’t have to constantly worry about content week on week – which I definitely will do anyway.
And I read four books. Four whole ones! Not one book over three months, four, in four weeks! It truly feels so good to be getting back into a reading rhythm again. To enjoy reading. To get immersed in reading again. It feels good to be back. 


SMOKE IN THE SUN – 3 stars | LOST BOY – 4 stars 


THE CRUEL PRINCE – 5 stars | CIRCE – 5 stars 

There will be full reviews for all these books coming in the next month or so, but my organisation skills are severly lacking, and these next few months are always my busiest of the year; personally and professionally!

As I mentioned above, I actually did fun stuff this month! Mainly me and my boyfriend visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios in Watford. It was truly magical (pun fully intended). Please fully expect a blog post on it very soon, I’m just behind on getting this launched again! Me, on time? Literally never.

We then went into London and had a few drinks and breakfast for dinner! It was a great day all in all and we had some great cask craft beers at The Craft Beer Co, especially Lion Face Lemon Face by Wild Weather Ales – fully recommend that if you enjoy craft beer and are particular to a milkshake pale ale! 

And now to look on, October is here and I am not excited to turn 27 at the end of the month, but hey ho! Let’s hope the end of the year brings some better times. Fingers crossed! 


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