An ARC review: Last Girls – Demetra Brodsky

It has been, let’s say, a while since I even looked at NetGalley, let alone requested something – which means I was incredibly surprised when I actually got approved for an Arc I’d reqeusted after a few anticipated rejections.
Last Girls definitely peaked my interest whilst perusing the titles available; a book about three sisters who, along with their mother, are doomsday preppers? A definitely intriguing premise, it also boasts beautiful cover art, which is always a good thing!

52381097._SX318_SY475_On a secret compound in the Washington wilderness, Honey Juniper and her sisters are training to hunt, homestead, and protect their own.

Prepare for every situation.

But when danger strikes from within, putting her sisters at risk, training becomes real life, and only one thing is certain:

Nowhere is safe.




This book was honestly a surprise for me, and whilst it did get off to a slow start, one that almost had me DNF’ing – it was just both a lot and nothing somehow at the same time and I just could not manage to get into it at all. However, I perservered, I wanted to give it a chance and I’m so glad I did! I got completely immersed in this story – especially in the three sisters and found myself (figuratively) whipping through the pages to see what happened next.

The three sisters that story focuses on; Honey, Birdie and Blue are truly refreshing characters. Although it can be argued that they fall into the stereotypical badass female character trope, they are wholly more than that. The author paints them in such multi-dimensional form; we are shown why they are this way, their prepper upbringing giving them the skills and survival instincts that make them so impressive in this manner.
Despite this, through the eyes of the eldest sister – Honey – whose POV we see the story unfold, we also get to see facets of her and her sisters that are more than ‘badass female’. Honey is protective and loyal, Birdie is romantic and fierce, Blue is thoughtful and empathic. Reading mostly from honey’s perspective is eye-opening in discovering and relating to their sisterly bond – their complete devotion to each other first and foremost. As a person who does not have a sister and has never particularly wanted one either, this definitely made me relate to them and even partially wish I had one – a mark of excellent story-telling.

Whereas the three sisters were fully-fleshed out characters, I do wish there had been more time spent doing the same with the main antagonists ofthe book – they seemed orginally to be mildly questionable and then suddenly changed to outright villains, and for me personally, I would’ve liked them to have be built up more, more developed people, as they seemed to have a lot of potential and it would’ve definitely up the ante when we came to the climax of the book.

My only other real gripe was while there were some mysteries and tensions built up through the duration of the novel  – they all seemed to reach their peaks prematurely, sometimes taking the wind right out of the story.
This doesn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the novel, however it did leave me wanting more, especially when it came to the big reveal (no spoilers!) – I’d already guessed it and it did leave me feeling slightly deflated.

To end this review on a positive note, I think this is a great insight into sisterly devotion and the true bond between them really is the driving force of the book – their interactions, whether loving or antagonistic, really showcases their individual relationships with each other and as a whole unit. I really adored their love.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book, I gave it a hearty 4 stars on Goodreads and already recommended it to one of my best friends, so in my opinion, it’s definitely worth a try!

Have you read Last Girls? What are your recent requests/reads?

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