A list: Life in lockdown

Lockdown life is hard. There is no denying it. Whislt in England (where I am) some restrictions are being lifted – whether you agree or not is an entirely seperate thread that I’m not going to pull at here – the majority of us are still in some form of lockdown.
As a manager of a bar, I won’t be going to until at least July as it stands, so I’ve really had to learn how to occupy myself to stave off the feeling of going stir crazy!

So I thought I’d make a little list, because who doesn’t love a list?! Of how I’ve been occupying myself in lockdown.

O N E – Reading

An unsurprising entry on this list I’m sure! But yes, I’ve been reading. I’m currently on lockdown seperated from the majority of my books but I have enough to see me through. And to be honest the limited selection makes choosing my next read so much easier as I’m not spoilt for choice (unless I’m looking on my kindle but we won’t talk about that…).
Personally, I’ve found lockdown the perfect time to sink my teeth in classics that I haven’t been able to truly get into before. I’ve now finished Janey Eyre and Little Women, and am quite excited to try more!

T W O – Blogging / bookstagramming

Maybe not such a surprise as this is on my blog, but I’ve been unmotivated for months about my blog / bookstagram and had all but abandoned them. However, something in lockdown has seemed to instilled me with inspiration and now I’m finally back to taking photos for bookstagram again, I’ve got ideas for blog posts (look, this is one!) and I’m back to engaging with the book community again.
It’s a desperately welcome distraction in this current climate!

T H R E E – Catching up on TV shows

This one is my true relaxation in lockdown, my me-time, my cuddle up on the sofa with the pooch and cuppa and completely lose myself for a couple of hours at time and feel no guilt whatsoever that I’m not being productive. I was so behind on all the TV shows that I was watching / wanted to watch because of said bar job and the long hours I was working.
Now I’ve finally got round to watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson series, which was sublimely acted and kept me on the edge of my seat despite knowing the outcome! We also binged-watched Gangs of London, which was definitely far gorier than I was expecting, but left me intrigued enough to watch the second season if it happens.
Next up will be Normal People, the BBC Three adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name and Brooklyn Nine Nine seasons 6 and 7!


F O U R – Cleaning

I don’t really know where this one came from to be truly honest, but I have gone into full spring cleaning mode! I’ve been tackling the house room by room and clearing everything unnecessary out and scrub, scrub, scrubbing away!
I’ve discovered that I find cleaning to be quite therapeutic and I can lose myself in it, sometimes for hours at a time. It is also incredibly satisfying to see the end result – I found it calms me, being in a cleaned and organised environment, so that is also a bonus.

F I V E – Getting out the house

Within government guidelines of course! I’m very lucky to be in lockdown in a lovely little village with many beautiful countryside walks surrounding us. So we like to take the pooch and explore, getting ourselves out the house and a healthy does of fresh air – stretching our legs abit instead of moulding ourselves into the sofa!

So, that’s how I’ve been keeping myself busy in lockdown. There’s nothing revolutionary, or ever particularly interesting, it’s just how I’m getting through this very strange and scary time in all our lives.
I’m not putting any pressure on myself to be super productive or compare myself to how others are spending their lockdowns as that will just start me on a unnecessary spiral, there’s enough stress going about just now, thanks!

How are you spending your lockdown? What’s helping you through?

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