“Yet another book blog.” Yes, another, I apologise profusely. I’ve dabbled in and out of the blogging community over the years; with my cinema based Cinematic Sentient, to my all over the place Daylight From Streetlights.
This is my next attempt, and hopefully it resembles the idea I have in my head (how often does that really happen though?).

I’m a 24-year-old whose life is nowhere near settled; who likes to be cliche and escape to the online world for a little while.I work in a bookstore which is my own slice of heaven in this hectic world.

I primarily live in the high-fantasy realm, dabbling in science-fiction and YA versions of these. Sometimes I read contemporary, most of the time I avoid it.
Harry Potter started it all.

I live in lovely little England, in a town not far outside of London.