The ABC book challenge.

I am really enjoying this challenge! It means regular enough content on my blog and I love showcasing the different types of books that I read, and seeing all the different types of books that everyone else reads!

I saw this post on Jacquie’s blog ‘Rattle The Stars‘ – she’s one of my fave bloggers so definitely go and check her blog out!

This week the letter is F.

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Discussion: Keeping up with the Blog.

I did it again, I disappeared. This might be my quickest disppearance yet.
I know my own problem; I’m a mood writer. Unless I’m in the right frame of mind I can’t get the words out, no matter how hard I try, I just end up staring at the blank screen. I get increasingly furiated at myself when this happens, and any motivation I had left swiftly abandons me.

I still do not know how to push through this mental block – and therefore my blogging severely suffers for it. I truly enjoy blogging, and I love to write. Yet I can’t get the two cohesive enough yet for my blogging to remain consistent for longer than a month.
Right now, I’m in the mood to rant, therefore this piece has flowed out of me like an avalanche. And that frustrates me too. Why now? Why are the words coming so freely and repidly now, yet when I want to write reviews, articles and other discussions I freeze up? Why does the wall find itself constructed so easily?

I’m sure there are dozens of helpful tips and tricks scattered all over the internet but i haven’t found anything too truly get me out of this funk yet. I don’t know if I’d call it writers block, because most of the time it doesn’t feel like a block. It just feels… empty. Which is definitely the best way to describe it. I’m sure one day I’ll figure it out.

To be honest, I don’t know if this post has a resolution yet. Perhaps it’s a long-winded explanation of my absences from the blogosphere. Maybe I’m just reaching out and hopefully someone else will find solace in the fact that blogging doesn’t have to be consistent to be enjoyable.
Yes, in a dream world, I’d get at least one post out a week, preferrably two! I’m just not in a place where I can achieve that yet. And to set such goals would inevitably end up in failure and discouraging me more.
like and hope that my content is at least good when it does happen, and I enjoy what I do eventually manage to get out. I genuinely enjoy writing my opinions and ideas on books and such down and once I get a handle on my mood writing, definitely plan to expland the content of my blog to include other interests I enjoy; movies, tv shows and games essentially.
I’ve already started to incorporate them with From Page to Screen and From Game to Screen, and ideally, will go on from there.

Essentially, just don’t give up on this blog guys. It will get there, it’s just a slow process.


A review: Remix – Non Pratt

I hadn’t heard of this book until I stumbled upon across it by happy accident when perusing the shelves local library! It initially caught my eye as I am a sucker for any YA music related contemporary – regardless of quality.
Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by this one, I hadn’t read a Non Pratt book before this, but I’ll definitely be picking up more. I especially enjoyed its continuous theme of friendship that threaded through the story.
Also the location of a music festival definitely helped suck me right in.

R-NPFrom the author of Trouble comes a new novel about boys, bands and best mates.

Kaz is still reeling from being dumped by the love of her life… Ruby is bored of hearing about it. Time to change the record.

Three days. Two best mates. One music festival. Zero chance of everything working out.




As always, no spoilers!

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The ABC book challenge.

My first comeback book tag, and boy have I picked a long one! The ABC book tag – one every week for each letter of the alphabet, so you’ll be seeing this every Saturday for the next 26 weeks.

I saw this post on Jacquie’s blog ‘Rattle The Stars‘ – she’s one of my fave bloggers so definitely go and check her blog out!

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