The July wrap-up.

July. The month I took away to re-evaluate and restart. It was very much needed and I was completely burnt-out. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write. I was in a proper slump. It was not a fun time.
So I turned my attention to other hobbies/past-times; video games, tv shows, gym, etc. It really helped refocus my mind, and whilst I still couldn’t sit down and write, I did manage to push through my reading slump. And I really really got back into reading. Without the pressure of reviewing everything I was reading (well, mostly), I powered through a lot of books on my ever-growing TBR.
In the end, I ended up reading 7 books! My very own mini victory.

Books Read;

The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller | Hot Mess – Lucy Vine | One Of Us Is Lying – Karen McManus | The Dry – Jane Harper | This Savage Song – V. E. Schwab |
Our Dark Duet – V. E. Schwab | Wilde Like Me – Louise Pentland

My favourite of the month would definitely be Our Dark Duet; it was emotional, it was thrilling, it was heartbreaking, it was e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I loved loved loved this duology and thought they were both written so perfectly.
My least favourite would probably be Hot Mess, although I enjoyed it, it just had some real competition! It was a fun story that I found surprisingly relatable, the lead character really resonated with me in some ways. I also love reading contemporaries set in England because I love recognising names/slang/places/brands.

Overall, it was a great month for reading as I enjoyed every single book I read. It was also quite a varied month of reading too; I enjoy mixing up the genres I read as it keeps them all quite fresh and I never get bored of a particular one.

Books To Read;

I’m not one for setting strict TBR’s. I am very much a mood reader, and I don’t often read two books of the same genre in a row, I always like to mix it up as I mentioned above.

But I do have a couple of books that I want to get to this month at least so I guess I’ll tell you about those.

Alex, Approximately – Jenn Bennett | The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater 
Salt To The Sea – Ruta Sepetys

I have awaited Jenn Bennett’s new book for ages, as I loved loved loved Night Owls (The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart for U.S readers!). So, when this at last came into the bookshop on my last shift I knew it would be one of my last discounted purchases.

I, also, finally purchased The Dream Thieves at long last, as much as The Raven Boys wasn’t my most favourite, I did love the characters, just not the lacklustre plot, so I do really want to see how they progress, it just wasn’t at the top of purchase list.

Last month I got my hands on Between Shades of Gray, a very very lucky charity shop find, and it broke my heart. The way the author wrote just broke me and left me wanting more at the same time. Perhaps I’m just a glutton for punishment.


So there’s my potential TBR, but definitely not guaranteed. I make no promises, although I do plan on starting Alex, Approximately today, so that’s a start.


Series I’ve yet to finish #1 (hint: there’s a lot)

Confession time, I am A-W-F-U-L at finishing series of books. Honestly, awful, I’ll read the first, sometimes the second book, then not continue them. I have so many unfinished series sitting my shelves; incomplete, alone.
It’s just not right.
Some of them I really, really enjoyed too! 4/5 star reads some of them and yet I still don’t carry them on, it’s an awful habit I have, and I don’t see myself breaking it anytime soon.

I am the worst.

So here they are – the top 5 series I’ve yet to finish #1 – because there’s too many for one list!

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A review: The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater

Here we go, a book series that is highly commended across the bookish community and by one of my best friends. She’d been telling me to read it for ages, so she bought it for me for Christmas so I really had no choice but to read it!
Aside from all this, I did also want to read it off my own back, but my TBR pile was already quite large, I couldn’t warrant getting another one to add to the list!

The Raven Boys primarily follows Blue Sargeant, daughter of a psychic who was once told that if she kisses her true love, he will die.
Then, Blue meets The Raven Boys; Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah and embarks upon their quests, both together and personal – which delves further into the supernatural that even Blue knows about.

This review will contain no spoilers.

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The series I’d like to start but never have #1

There are a lot of YA fiction in the world. We all know this. We embrace this. We love this. Of course we do, it means an endless amounts of worlds to explore, characters to fall in love with and pages that we read over and over again because we just can’t get enough.

However you flip that coin, and how can you possibly keep up with them all? It is a momentous task and I know that for me, there are an incredible amount of series that I just have not got round to reading yet, even though I’ve wanted to for an extended period of time.

So what are these series; well they usually fall into YA fantasy – because that is essentially my second home, my safe haven, my comfort zone. I can always find something appealing about most books of this genre and they are my all-time favourite.
Sometimes I delve into the realm of contemporary, but often I find it doesn’t have the escapism I enjoy in a fantasy.
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September – wrapped up!

Apparently, September has passed. I feel I start every monthly wrap up this way, but I’m going to say what I keep saying; 2016 is going fast, way, way, too fast.

I genuinely can’t believe it. Now we’re in October and I’m 30 odd days closer to being 24, that is not a comforting thought. I’m a Halloween baby; I think it’s because of this it’s ingrained in me to hate dress-up. But hey-ho!

Things actually happened in September that I can update you all on, I actually read books and socialising. I call that one successful month.

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The to-read list that never ends

I’m sure, you all understand the never ending to-read lists. It literally never ends. I can’t walk past a book shop without having a wander in, until my boyfriend literally has to drag me out, sometimes (most of the time) purchase in hand. We all deal with this issue I’m sure.
Even worse, walking past a charity shop. The deals are incredible! Yes, I will buy 4 books for £1, and feel slightly good as I’m also donating to charity. My entire to-read list is filled with books I’ve dug out of charity shop shelves, and they tend to be books I’ve always wanted to read, but would never pick out of a actual book store, because I’m too distracted by the YA section.
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